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Sick, Trouble Breathing, Chest Pain, Sore Throat, Hives – Could I Have Mold?

Dear George,

I just moved in my new place, but, since I moved in, I have been getting very sick. I’ve had trouble breathing, chest pains, a sore throat, hives, rashes, etc. Please, I need help! Could I have mold? My son is also sick and has a runny nose, a cough, and even vomiting.

Need Help


Dear Need Help,

You could have mold allergies.

You could have mycotoxins in your new place.

Molds produce mycotoxins, some of which are quite toxic. The type of mycotoxin varies depending on the type of mold; but some molds create toxins which are harder on your health than others. Plus, people have or develop allergies on exposure, the severity of which is contingent on the duration of exposure and how heavily the environment is infested.

A mold assessment of your apartment would enable you to target the specific genus of mold that is affecting you–if it is mold. Bear in mind that there are other environmental contaminants which could be affecting you, such as benzene or formaldehyde. Toxic off-gassing and mold are just a few components of sick house syndrome; but a complete assessment of your residence would help you pinpoint what components of your surroundings are contributing to your problems. You can then take the findings to your doctor and/or allergist, who will then be able to test specifically for your exposure to the designated irritants, allowing them to medicate with an eye to the cause rather than simply ameliorate the symptoms.

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