About Mold Removal

To remove mold, first you have to find ALL mold growth, including mold hidden inside walls, ceilings, floors, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and heating/cooling equipment and ducts, as well as mold hidden inside, beneath, and behind kitchen sink cabinets, bathroom vanity cabinets, carpeting and padding, dishwashers, washing machines, furniture, draperies, and wallpaper. A professional would…


Is Popping the Bubble Enough?

[slideshow_deploy id=’26’]Dear George, Near the window in weeks ago the rain caused water under the carpet and buble of water about 1foot long in the living room under the bedroom.About 2week ago the landlrd repair poped the bubble, and repaint the surface. Signed, Bubble-free Dear Bubble-free, Hopefully your landlord did more than pop a bubble….

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Dear George, Rain soaked our office carpet badly.

[slideshow_deploy id=’26’]Dear George, Rain soaked our office carpet badly. Management says there is no mold and are having the carpet cleaned. The smell for the last 48 hours has been HORRID. Should we be worried? t sounds as if you need a good dose of prevention. If there is no long term damage and the…