Bye Bye Mold™ performs Mold Testing & Inspection
We have on board a Certified Property Mold Specialist, and experts in formaldehyde, mold detection, and prevention. Our services are available throughout California.


Here are some important facts about our company:

    • Bye Bye Mold™ is dedicated to the detection of mold.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ is family-owned and has been in business 16+ years.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ has collected THOUSANDS of mold samples.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ is insured and accepts credit cards.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ is certified and provides professional services for mold inspection, mold testing, and mold preventive maintenance.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ testing protocols ride the cutting edge of current methodologies set forth by experts and laboratories, and are updated when necessary by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).
    • Bye Bye Mold’s rigorous and scientifically proven procedures assure you of the highest degree of reliability in accurate results.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ provides a written report, laboratory results and interpretation of results for every assessment.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ is committed to serving the customer with professionalism, kindness and respect.
    • You can call Bye Bye Mold™ now at 800.686.1992


Main Office:
863 San Vicente Rd., Arcadia CA 91007

Satellite Offices:
6191 Periwinkle Way, Woodland Hills CA 91367



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