Bye Bye Mold™
Bye Bye Mold™

Bye Bye Mold™ performs Mold Testing & Inspection
We have on board a Certified Property Mold Specialist, and experts in formaldehyde, mold detection, and mold prevention. Our services are available throughout California.

Here are some important facts about our company:

    • Bye Bye Mold™ is dedicated to the detection of mold.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ is family-owned and has been in business 16+ years.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ has collected THOUSANDS of mold samples.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ is insured and accepts credit cards.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ is certified and provides professional services for mold inspection, mold testing, and mold preventive maintenance.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ testing protocols ride the cutting edge of current methodologies set forth by experts and laboratories, and are updated when necessary by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).
    • Bye Bye Mold’s rigorous and scientifically proven procedures assure you of the highest degree of reliability in accurate results.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ provides a written report, laboratory results and interpretation of results for every assessment.
    • Bye Bye Mold™ is committed to serving the customer with professionalism, kindness and respect.
    • You can call Bye Bye Mold™ 24/7 at 1.800.686.1992

Bye Bye Mold™ is a complete Mold Inspection and Mold Testing service. We do not engage in remediation or abatement–strictly mold testing. Based out of Woodland Hills, CA, Bye Bye Mold™ is a corporation business with family values. Bye Bye Mold™ has worked in many parts of California, including San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Redding, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and more. We work with private home owners, landlords, tenants, attorneys, businesses, and management companies throughout the years. We have grown from a mold-testing company to other toxic testing such as formaldehyde and benzene. Using the latest sampling techniques to get the answers you need.


Our History

Bye Bye Mold™ evolved from Toxic Litigation Consulting. For many years, Toxic Litigation Consulting has investigated toxic cases nationwide for a celebrated law firm. In late 2001, calls started coming in requesting mold assessments and testing. At the time, we simply told the callers that we did not work on this type of case. However, call volume escalated until it was obvious that mold testing would have to become part of our repertoire. What followed was extensive training in mold detection. Soon after, Bye Bye Mold™ — a company of mold inspection professionals — was incorporated as a separate company to offer mold prevention advice from dedicated experts in mold detection. In 2002 we handled hundreds of mold assessments of apartments, condominiums, homes, and businesses, and we have been busy ever since. This tremendous field experience is what establishes, enhances, and augments our expertise. Each job we handle is thoroughly investigated according to your unique requirements.


Main Office:
6191 Periwinkle Way, Woodland Hills CA 91367


Utilizing a Thermal Imager
Utilizing a Thermal Imager

Bye Bye Mold™ is a mold inspection and mold testing service company, providing scientific answers to the growing problem of fungal contamination of indoor environments

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