What Are Particulates?

Aerotrak Sensor
Aerotrak Sensor

A particulate is a small discrete mass of solid or liquid matter that remains individually dispersed in gas or liquid emissions. The term particulate is usually referred to when discussing an atmospheric pollutant. Mold spores are also considered as particulate material because the airborne spores are dispersed in environmental air in varying concentrations.

Potential Consequences Of Exposure

Inhaling high levels of mold spores can cause asthma attacks in affected individuals. Exposure to high concentrations of mold spores is one cause of allergic immune response in anyone. Elderly, youthful or infirm individuals are the first to be affected, but no one is “immune.” A high concentration of any particulate like mold is a danger factor in tightly constructed new homes. Outdoor air contains environmental levels of mold; trapped inside a tightly built new home, high levels are an indication that corrective action needs to be taken.

Do You Have Particulates In Your Environment?

Don’t worry! Your Bye Bye Mold team can find particulates, detect them, and measure them, regardless of type or concentration! You don’t have to wait weeks for lab results; we can test for you immediately, for your peace of mind!

Total Culturable Mold Spore Counts, Chicago, 1935-1939
Total Culturable Mold Spore Counts, Chicago, 1935-1939

As you can see in this chart from the 1930s (click on the chart to view a larger image), mold sampling technology has been with us a while; but we use state of the art technology which can immediately measure particulate levels in the environment. Our detection range is from 0.3 to 10 microns.

Spore Trap Testing

Bye Bye Mold also does spore trap testing which takes multiple days for analysis and final results.

Don’t risk exposure to toxic contaminants. If you suspect that you have toxic contaminants in your house, give Bye Bye Mold a call 24/7 at 800.686.1992.

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