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Since our beginnings sixteen years ago, Bye Bye Mold™ has been all about health. Indoor air quality is crucial to good health and we go the distance to find mold in your residence or commercial property. We are a family-owned business, and our long experience has given us stellar credentials. Our industry certifications are an open book. Call us to schedule a prompt mold inspection anywhere in the entire state of California.. Bye Bye Mold™ provides only mold inspections—not mold remediation—so there is no conflict of interest.

When you suspect mold, step #1 is a professional mold assessment: surveying moisture levels of walls, ceilings and floors, locating visible mold growth, and testing the air* for the quantity and variety of mold spores. This is crucial because abnormally high counts of mold spores indicate water damage and are potential health hazards. We collect the samples and ship them overnight to a certified laboratory that analyzes and sends us back a report that we use in preparing a report for our client. A Bye Bye Mold™ professional mold assessment is your first step toward a healthy indoor environment. We service all building types, owned or rented, single or multiple-family homes/mansions, apartments/complexes, office/municipal buildings. Ask our competition if they carry standard and professional liability insurance. Bye Bye Mold™ does.

In this Website, Bye Bye Mold™ founder, George Hatcher, Sr., shares findings discovered through Certified Property Mold Specialist inspections, commentary on Stachybotrys, and glimpses at the unique extras Bye Bye Mold™ has developed, such as the Mold Inspection Report, which thoroughly documents all aspects of the inspection process. Bye Bye Mold™ is the best value for your mold testing and mold inspection investment.

We service the entire state of California, including the following cities and their surrounding areas:
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Ana
Santa Rosa

Call (800) 686-1992 to schedule a mold inspection. Contact us for more information.


*Service includes indoor air samples and an outside air sample for the control sample. Air samples are timed for specific volumes of air, which provide accurate comparisons.