We have collected thousands of mold samples in the last fifteen years and sent them off for laboratory analysis. Our procedures are well established, and are guided by your needs. We make sure your questions are answered, and bring you up to date on the process of inspection, (before, during and after) so that your needs are met.

Our inspectors perform:

    1. a non-invasive visual examination of the readily accessible, visible, and installed systems and components of the building
    2. moisture, temperature and humidity measurements
    3. mold samples according to the established Mold Sampling Procedures

The inspector reports:

  1. moisture intrusion
  2. water damage
  3. musty odors
  4. apparent mold growth, or
  5. conditions conducive to mold growth;
  6. results of a laboratory analysis of all mold samplings taken at the building;
  7. any system or component that were not inspected and the reason(s) they were not inspected.

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