Is Popping the Bubble Enough?

Dear George,

Two weeks ago, beneath an upstairs window, the rain caused water under the carpet and a bubble of water about one foot long in the living room ceiling, under the bedroom. The landlord repaired the damage by popping the bubble and repainting the surface. What do you think?



Dear Bubble-Free,

Hopefully, your landlord did more than pop a bubble. Hopefully, the landlord removed any wet drywall and underlying construction damage, repaired the original leak (or closed the window) and replaced the damaged areas with new, mold-resistant materials–before he primed and painted the surface. That process would be referred to as remediation.

To prevent mold colonization, quick action is always the crucial element. If you can get the affected areas truly clean and dry (and the leak repaired, if applicable), you may be able to prevent mold from becoming a problem. If any mold colonies remain, and-or moisture remains, or the leak re-occurs, you will have mold issues.

You may want to consider scheduling a mold inspection by Bye Bye Mold™. Thermal imaging will reveal if any moisture remains, and precise air sampling will determine if your indoor mold-spore counts exceed outdoor mold-spore counts.

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