Mold you smell but can’t see

Dear George,

I moved into a remodeled house where water had been a problem during the remodeling. One room smells musty after heavy rain. However, I do not see any mold. Can you suggest the best way to approach this?



Dear Sniffer,

If you smell mold, it is likely there IS mold. The best thing to do is to have a professional mold assessment. Bye Bye Mold has the tools to detect moisture behind wallboards so that existing mold can be pinpointed with the least possible intrusion. Once the extent of the damage has been located and determined, you can move on from there, You can then utilize your mold report in the submission of an insurance claim or with legal action, whatever the case warrants.

You can schedule a professional mold assessment by Bye Bye Mold™ at 1.800.686.1992 or you can e-mail us via our user-friendly contact form.

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