Our finished-basement carpet was soaked!

Dear George,

We had water in our finished basement soaking the carpet but no standing water or water above the carpet. The whole carpet & padding was removed & thrown out. What is the risk of developing mold in the drywall? How do we check for mold & prevent mold?

Wet Carpet


Dear Wet Carpet,

You have started off well. The carpet and padding was certainly the most likely host for mold, and you have already taken care of that.

If your drywall was damp, mold could be growing on the inner drywall surface in the wall cavity. A professional mold inspection (also referred to as a mold assessment) by Bye Bye Mold™ can include air sampling in wall cavities for mold-spore counts, and-or thermal imaging to detect unseen damp areas.

Hopefully, you caught the problem before the wallboard wicked up the water. The mold assessor will recommend what methods will detect any existing mold, or verify that you were successful in catching the problem in time.

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