Can you detect if there is black mold present behind the walls?

Dear George,

Is there a way to have a house inspected to detect if there is black mold possibly present on the inside of walls?

Growing Mold


Dear Growing Mold,

Yes, the use of the latest in available technologies can help identify what lies inside walls.

Bye Bye Mold™ uses a thermal imager, which can detect variances in infrared energy emitted by substances. Because wet materials typically emit a different amount of infrared energy than dry materials, areas where there is moisture intrusion (or a water leak) display a recognizable pattern and distinguishable ranges of temperatures. Thermal imaging provides immediate non-invasive evidence of moist conditions to help locate sources of water intrusion.

Bye Bye Mold™ can also sample the air in wall cavities by the insertion of an air tube through a 1/4th inch hole through drywall. Laboratory analysis of the sample will reveal mold spore counts of the inner-wall air.

To set a timely appointment for a mold inspection, you can contact Bye Bye Mold™ 24/7 at 1.800.686.1992 or via e-mail with our user-friendly contact form.

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