I Smell Mold In My Remodeled House

Dear George,

I moved into a remodeled house. Water has been a problem during the remodeling. One room smells musty after heavy rains. However, I do not see any mold. Can you suggest the best way to approach this?



Dear Musty,

If you smell mold, it is likely there is mold.

The best thing to do is to call a company, like Bye Bye Mold™, and arrange a professional mold assessment, also referred to as a mold inspection.

Bye Bye Mold™ has the tools, skills, and experience required to locate–behind the wallboard–moisture (and thus environments for mold) and elevated mold-spore counts with the least possible intrusion.

Once the elevated mold-spore counts and probable mold sources have been determined, you can proceed to the next step.  That may be verifying that the remodeling company’s warranty covers moisture intrusion, finding a new remodeling company, initiating legal action, etc.–whatever you decide your circumstances warrant.

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