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Failure To Disclose Major Toxic-Mold Problems

According to a news article from February, 2014, new homeowners, sick from living in toxic mold, sued a California realtor, home inspector, and mortgage lender for failing to disclose elevated levels of toxic mold in their just-purchased San Diego home. The couple suffered memory loss, headaches, chronic tiredness, sinus problems, and respiratory problems such as difficulty in breathing and frequent coughing and sneezing.

Toxic mold thriving in the crawl space, heating/cooling equipment and ducts made the couple sick.

A post-sale mold inspector revealed, “A major building defect was the lack of adequate waterproofing of the crawl space and basement walls and floors that enabled water runoff from neighboring, higher-elevation home lots and the roadway to enter into the crawl space and basement to drive mold growth,”

When purchasing or renting a home, you may want to consider investing in a mold inspection prior to finalizing the sale or lease. It is best to select an independent mold-inspection company that does not provide remediation services and has no vested interest in mold-test results.

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