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Mildew on Ceiling

Dear George,
Hi there! On the outside of my house I have mildew growing that corresponds to mildew growing on ceilings & walls on the inside second floor. What’s up??? Can’t breathe in Ohio,

Kit Doll-Shemas

Dear Kit,

If there’s moisture and an environment where mold or mildew can grow, the varieties of species which grow locally are going to show up anywhere they can gain a foothold. Dry it up, clean it up or remove it; and use mold resistant construction materials when you remediate. If you have your environment tested before and after, you will be able to tell what types of mold you have become allergic to, and you will be also able to tell how effective your removal efforts have been. You might also want to make use of hepa-filtration everywhere you can (in your vacuum, air conditioning and even a separate air filter) to help remove ambient spores.

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