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Nursing Home Mold

Dear George,

How do i anonymously report suspected black mold in a Nursing Home? I have very close friends living in a nursing home that I have heard has black mold growing on the walls under the wall paper. I do not want my friends subjected to retaliation.

Nursing Home Rat


Dear Nursing Home Rat,

It depends on the nursing home. Who are you talking about reporting to, the health department or the nursing home?

If it is a decent nursing home, they will be open and willing to do whatever is necessary to keep the environment hospital-immaculate.

If the report is to be directed to the health department, you could start by looking up the health department for your state.

The important thing is to find the enforcement person where the buck stops, because someone in a lesser position might drop the ball, and not follow through.

If, after your report, no action is taken, you might go to the local television station that does televised product testing and consumer-protection programs. Beforehand, be sure to verify the location of the moldy area(s).

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