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What is the most effective method for detecting mold and spores?

Dear George,

What is the most effective method for detecting mold and spores?

It’s like real estate–it depends on location, location, location.

So the answer is: it depends.

The most obvious method and the most likely answer is sampling. Take the sample, send to the lab. (etc) But if you can’t see it, if mold is behind the walls, you don’t want to go ripping up walls just to see if something might be there.

ByebyeMold has the most up-to-date tools available that can detect conditions behind walls and particulates in the air. Technology is wonderful.

My daughter purchased a remodeled home in Woodland Hills.Her babies room and the adjacent office has a fishy odor. At times it goes away and other times it is very strong. Is there a way to determine what and where this odor is coming from
ByebyeMold does have devices which detect particulates at very small quantities (ppm) as well as thermal imaging capabilities. I expect either of those processes would be likely to help pinpoint a problem; but you may want to call the office for details. 1-800-686-1992

I had air sampling in my home & found areas with mold levels 3x outdoor air levels. I have inspected for moisture but can’t find any. What should I do next? I’m in San Carlos, CA – can you recommend someone I could contact?
For a professional mold assessment, call Bye Bye Mold™ at 1 (800) 686-1992.

Bye Bye Mold™ is not limited to VOC Canister sampling. We can search for particulates, or use thermal imaging to locate hidden water intrusion. Take a look at the flyer on this page.

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