What are all the different molds?

Dear George,
what are all the different molds and what health problems do they cause?


Dear Curious,

Byebye Mold is good, really good at mold inspections–

But you should know that doctors, scientists and lawyers have been fighting over the answer to your question for years. Even when doctors and scientists find definitive links, determining causation in a way that satisfies the courts is difficult, if not impossible. It’s like the joke:
Question: “If you had a cookie, will rain tomorrow?”
Answer: “Elephants.”

They really don’t have much of a connection.

There are thousands of types of mold, far more than we can do justice to in a small paragraph here. But we do host a mold glossary, which you can explore here: https://byebyemold.com/glossary.php

Heath effects of moldy environments vary because most reactions are allergic in nature, even though some molds produces poisonous mycotoxins.

Because they’re toxins, most mycotoxins have very specific documented responses, though how people respond may vary in degree, with the infirm, infants, and the elderly having the most severe response.

We can generalize here and say mold triggers allergic reactions ranging from wheezing, sneezing, shortness of breath, skin rashes, upper respiratory irritation, coughing, eye irritation, headaches, and lethargy. However mold exposure has not been well researched or documented, and all symptoms are not limited to those listed here.

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