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Sick, Trouble Breathing, Chest Pain, Sore Throat, Hives – Could I Have Mold?

Dear George, I just moved in my new place, but, since I moved in, I have been getting very sick. I’ve had trouble breathing, chest pains, a sore throat, hives, rashes, etc. Please, I need help! Could I have mold? My son is also sick and has a runny nose, a cough, and even vomiting….

Dear George, I need mold

Dear George, I need microscopic view of different molds. Thanx. Sincerely, Radhey Shyam Research Associate Best biotek research Labs   Dear Radhey, Here are a few links you may find useful– http://website.nbm-mnb.ca/mycologywebpages/Moulds/Index_of_descriptions.html https://nationlabs.com/resources/mold-library/ https://evvivasciences.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Mold-Identification-Guide.pdf http://oar.icrisat.org/1948/1/A_Pictorial_Guide_for_the_Identification.pdf https://open.maricopa.edu/myfirstbook/chapter/fungi/ Enjoy

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Dear George, Rain soaked our office carpet badly.

[slideshow_deploy id=’26’]Dear George, Rain soaked our office carpet badly. Management says there is no mold and are having the carpet cleaned. The smell for the last 48 hours has been HORRID. Should we be worried? t sounds as if you need a good dose of prevention. If there is no long term damage and the…