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Mold Odor

Dear George,

I smell mold near the windows of my home. My husband can’t smell it. My eyes burn, ears and neck feel swollen. The house is 100 years old. What should we do? If its not mold, then what is it?

Moldy on Peaks Island, Maine

Dear Moldy in Maine,

There’s a brand of popcorn that says on its label: Looks like corn, Smells like corn, Tastes like corn. Must be corn.

Some things are what they seem to be.

Your nose knows. If your nose detects mold, there is the greatest likelihood that there is mold. You may have more than one type as mold; and you may have chemicals leeching out of your old house, such as lead, formaldehyde or benzene. It would be a good idea to have a professional come in and do extensive testing. Even though your husband is less sensitive to your polluted environment, you are both living in the middle of a potentially unhealthy situation.

So ahead and have it tested so you know what you have to deal with. There’s always the possibility that there is not much damage, and all you need is to replace the windows. Or it may be that water has leaked in through gaps in your windows, and leaked into the walls, causing extensive damage behind the wills. You won’t know until you have it tested.


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