Tenants File a Lawsuit in Response to Mold Exposure

Article Date: April 22, 2014
Mold lawsuits strike again: This time, Akeidra Massey and Joseph Jacks filed suit against Willwoods Community, Willwoods Community Management Inc., and their insurer in the 24th Judicial District Court on March 26.

The attorney defending Akeidra Massey and Joseph Jacks is, J. Nelson Mauyer III, of New Orleans.

These tenants of the Courtyard Apartments in Gretna, LA, reported they were exposed to high levels of mold. They asserted that repairs not made after water intrusion during Hurricane Isaac was the cause.

The Willwoods Community management is accused of failure to maintain the premises in a reasonable and safe condition, leading to illness, leading to severe injuries, leading to the lawsuit.

Louisiana’s humidity and water issues frequently lead to mold-related pain, suffering, disability, and economic loss.



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