Hidden Ceiling and wall mold

Dear George,
How do you detect mold? Can you detect mold in the ceiling and walls?
I think thats where my mold is.
apartment dweller

Dear Dweller,

There are several ways which mold can be tested in walls and ceilings–Sampling takes samples which are lab tested for verification. There are also mechanical devices which can detect mold based on water content, density and other factors; these devices also test for volatile organic chemicals (VOC).

Yes, mold can be detected in walls and ceilings. There’s a variety of testing methodologies available to detect elevated levels of growth. For example, pumps may be used to pull mold thru absorbent for a measured amount of time; A Tedlar bag or Summa canister may be used; or electronic instrumentation calibrated to read ppb (parts per billion) can measure whatever target chemicals are being searched for.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of testing methodologies.

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