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Public Health Online, a non-commercial organization, came to be in 2013 with the mission to provide public health community resources for those considering a career in public health and those currently employed in the industry. Our free materials and tools span topics such as jobs and careers, educational program options and financial aid, pre-professional experience, and state and local government public health resources. We have been featured by several local and state public health offices and top universities across the U.S.

Find your career. Help your community.

The Public Health Online organization is not affiliated with Byebyemold; but it is chartered with providing community resources for public health careers and education.

Why Are These Public Health Resources Important?

In-depth public health career information centralized in one page is difficult to find. ‘’ goes deep into specialty public health careers and provides actionable information through salary tools, career path timelines, and job resources. The program search tool allows users to find accredited Not-for-Profit colleges offering campus-based and online-based public health programs. The homepage is a central location where visitors can search for more information:

Public Health Online – Home – Degrees & Career Paths

The need for public health professionals at the national, state and local levels continues to rise. For example, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 21% increase in community health workers between 2012 and 2022… READ MORE.

Public Health Online – Campus & Online Masters Degree in Public Health

Online Master of Public Health (MPH) programs help advanced students in the public health field earn an advanced degree in a flexible learning environment. Many offer a wide range of resources, specialization opportunities and even job placement to facilitate the transition from college to career… READ MORE.

Public Health Online – Pre-Professional Experience Guide

Students planning careers in the public health sector can benefit greatly from pre-professional work experience (internships, work study, study abroad and volunteering) when performing their post-graduation job searches… READ MORE.

Public Health Online – Public Health Job Resources

Careers in public health go well beyond working in neighborhood clinics and promoting healthy living initiatives. A degree in the field can lead to jobs in law enforcement, education, public policy and so much more… READ MORE.

Below are more resources that you might find useful:

Teaching Degrees – Over 4000 Teaching Programs Available

Their Quick Degree Finder enables you to search by type of teaching degree, by location where you would like to study, or by degrees offered online… READ MORE.

Social Work Degrees – Includes All CSWE-Accredited Programs

This comprehensive resource for exploring every U. S. college and university offering a degree in Social Work includes online social work programs as well… READ MORE.


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