Is Popping the Bubble Enough?

[slideshow_deploy id=’26’]Dear George,
Near the window in weeks ago the rain caused water under the carpet and buble of water about 1foot long in the living room under the bedroom.About 2week ago the landlrd repair poped the bubble, and repaint the surface.


Dear Bubble-free,
Hopefully your landlord did more than pop a bubble. Hopefully the landlord removed any wet drywall and underlying construction damage, repaired the original leak and replaced the damaged areas with new, mold resistant materials–before he primed and painted the surface. That’s called remediation.

If any mold remains, and/or if water remains or the leak re-occurs, you will have mold issues. If you have readings done, that will tell you if your ambient mold exceeds healthy levels. Prevention is crucial here. If you can get the area truly clean and dry (and the leak repaired), you may be able to prevent mold from becoming a problem.

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