Mold Agency

Dear George,
Is there an agency that issues an inspection and clearance certificate after mold abatement to a commercial building? Please advise.


Dear California,

California is one of only a few states which have taken steps toward establishing permissible mold standards.

California’s “Toxic Mold Protection Act of 2001” authorizes the state’s Department of Health Services (now called the Department of Health Care Services) to set permissible levels of indoor mold exposure for sensitive populations

The Department of Health Care Services is legally able to develop identification and remediation standards for contractors, owners, and landlords. Landlords have responsibility of disclosure to tenants of mold.

The guidelines for mold are that there should be no visible mold growth and that the results of the air sampling is equal to or less than the baseline sampling outdoors.

The inspection company–NOT a state agency– issues a report proving that the building passes guidelines for occupancy.

Your local Health Dept will be usually be something like the Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

FYI California contact information can be found in this HAZARD EVALUATION SYSTEM & INFORMATION SERVICE .pdf.

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