Memphis Housing Authority Project Plagued with Mold, Exposed Wiring

A recent audit has exposed that the Memphis Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher program has a host of problems including exposed electrical wiring, mold, missing locks, improper water heater lines and poor yard maintenance.

The officials with the federal Office of Inspector General inspected 90 program units during the audit. Out of them, 77 failed to comply with the minimum quality requirements of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development.

According to the audit, “The excessive violations occurred because the authority’s quality control inspection program did not effectively detect that its inspectors lacked sufficient knowledge of HUD’s housing quality standards and missed opportunities to improve inspector performance…Unless the authority improves its inspection program and ensures that all of its units materially meet minimum housing quality standards, we estimate that over the next year, HUD will pay about $34 million in housing assistance for units in material noncompliance with the standards.”

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development-funded housing project, which receives a federal funding of $40 million annually, is managed by Quadel Consulting Corporation, Washington, D.C.