Dear George, we’re sick and we have mold.

Dear George,

We recently discovered a lot of mold in our a/c unit by the a/c repair man. I had a heart transplant 3/24/03 and have been on immunosuppressants since then. My husband has severe fibromyalgia and allergies. What to do?

At Risk


Dear At Risk,

You should consider having an assessment done of the mold levels in your house. If mold levels are higher inside than the outdoor “control”, you should look into remediation. You should also find a temporary residence with healthy air quality, because remediation is liable to stir up mold spores, and you don’t need that kind of exposure while you are so vulnerable.

Even if mold levels are NOT higher inside, you should have your ac cleaned professionally, including coil, plenum and ducts. This means a real cleaning, not just spraying with bleach (which would not correct the problem.)

After your ac has been cleaned, you might consider investing in a UV sterilizer and an improved or upgraded filtration system.

If you are renting, or have excellent insurance coverage, your repairs and improvement costs might be offset. I say might, because that depends on your individual situation. While mold is an acknowledged issue, legal accountability can be a difficult proposition–but it is worth looking into, especially since you are actually in a vulnerable category.

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