Woman Says Mold has Sent Her and Her Daughter to Emergency Room

Andricka Phillips of New Orleans blames mold for worsening her asthma and sending her to the emergency room.  According to her, she is sick of being sick constantly and can hardly walk without wheezing.

She has been dealing with mold in her bathrooms for almost a year and feels that it is her biggest problem at the moment. She also reported that there are worm-like slugs  lurking in her bathroom.

Phillips has been living at the Lakeside Apartments, with her 2 year old daughter for the last three years. However, mold started last summer.

The Permanent Supportive Housing Program, who is currently managing the apartments has not been very effective in getting her mold problem rectified by the landlord. They have written letters.  Phillips has appealed to the Louisiana Housing Corporation for help.

In the meantime, Phillips has decided to take her two kids and move in with her relatives for their safety.