Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
There's No Place Like (a Killer Mold) Home
After pneumonia, 8 surgeries, 5 transfusions, tumor removal and radiation, survivor Angelina Kio goes home to mold.

Their rental house has rotting rafters, poor insulation and a crop of black mold.

Doctors found a Wilms' tumor on her right kidney and cancer spots on Angelina's lungs. Since January when she was diagnosed, the family has lived in Albany Medical Center and the Ronald McDonald House in Albany.

Angelina's 75 percent chance of survival is decreased because of having to move back home. Mold is potentially toxic to anyone who is allergic; and potentially lethal to someone in Angelina's frail condition

The house is a rental unit, and the current landlord is not completing necessary repairs. Is there a lawsuit here? Their original landlord seemed responsible, but when the property was sold, the new owner was not zealous in completing repairs to the leaky roof, broken windows, saturated ceiling tiles, etc.

When confronted with the problem, the landlord suggested that if they such a big problem with it, they find another place.' " src=""
Written By:  staff 
Date Posted: 2008-03-25  

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