Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
Storms close kids club
Storms have left the Van Buren Bpys and Girls club homeless. It has been the site of the boys and girls club for the past 50 years.
"Closed until further notice." Chief Professional Officer Jeff Inness, Van Buren Mayor Bob Freeman and board members toured the building. The first contractor looking at the building judged it unsafe and useable. Inness said, "Mold is one of the big things right now...You can't put a kid in an environment full of mold. The dangers are too great. Ninety percent asked if they could volunteer to help cleanup. They offered to help any way they could. They were willing to sweep, mop, whatever. It was a good feeling." src="" Damages include roof, soaked gym floor, duct work, electrical lines, computers, books and other materials. The site serves about 100 youngsters daily. Cost estimates on repairing the building are being totaled. Club directors looked at possible sites for relocation from the park. The roof which was repaired in 2001, is gone. "The contractor said it cannot be patched because of the moisture," Innes said. "We cannot relay shingles without creating major structural problems. It looks like someone beat it with a baseball bat. It is not even safe to be in the building ... not to even use as an office." "We cannot close the door on any option out there," Inness said. "This is one of those things and some of the kids have gotten through worse. But, we must work hard to recreate the Van Buren Boys and Girls Club." They may consider moving to a temporary site.
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Date Posted: 2008-04-14  

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