Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
Mold Is A New Concern For Flooded Indiana Homeowners

First comes the flood, then comes the mold.

The Elkhart County Health Department is urging mold prevention. Once an area is wet, mold can gain a foothold.

John Hulewicz of the Elkhart County IndianaHealth Department advised that if you don't dry it out quickly, "in the right kind of setting it will take over...Most people will suffer allergy type symptoms they'll have a stuffy nose, headaches, and those types of things. However, if it becomes extremely burdensome, people that are most susceptible are children, the elderly, and the immune-compromised. They can become so sick that they cannot inhabit those places.

The ground is saturated after substantial precipitation. Water has nowhere to go.

County health officials urge the following advice:

  • Wear rubber boots, gloves and goggles when dealing with flood water.
  • If the water's been there for more than a couple days, you use a respirator.
  • Use fans and dehumidifiers to dry building materials.
  • To prevent spreading contamination, put items that cannot be washed and disinfected in plastic bags before disposal.
Written By:  staff 
Date Posted: 2008-02-08  

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