Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
How To Collect Swab Samples
Swabs for testing contamination must be sterile prior to use.
  • Put on gloves
  • Select a sampling area of about 10 cm X 10 cm (or 20 cm x 20 cm)
  • Break the seal on the tube holding the swab

  • Remove the swab from the tube

  • If sampling a dry surface, it is recommended that a wet or moistened swab is used. A moistened swab may come in a kit, or a trace of distilled water can be used.

  • Rub the cotton end thoroughly across the sampling area.

  • Return the swab into the tube and secure it.

  • Label the sample.

  • Send the sample to the laboratory for analysis. Package as directed.

Written By:  staff 
Date Posted: 2007-10-29  

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