Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
Wyoming Honor Farm closed for mold
Wyoming Honor Farm's medical staff will receive chest X-rays.

The Wyoming Department of Corrections announced that they were evacuated Thursday from the medical building, which contains toxic mold and asbestos dust.
Prison Health Services officials, who contract with the Department of Corrections for medical services, had earlier voiced concern about possible problems. Air was being circulated from the basement of the building where it had flooded. The flooding led to the growth of toxic mold.?

?The Department of Environmental Quality examined the basement. A crew from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration collected bulk samples. Test results indicated the presence of a variety of toxic mold and also asbestos dust in the basement of the building.

The building was closed Thursday, and the Honor Farm staff relocated medical operations to another site at the minimum-security prison in Riverton.

"The safety of our staff and inmates is our primary concern," Associate Warden Tony Thornton said in the release. "We've acted promptly to protect the health of everyone concerned."

The Corrections Department is paying for the medical testing.
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Date Posted: 2007-09-21  

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