Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
The Name of the Game is Prevention Prevention Prevention
Black mold wants you. Black Mold wants your home. It's waiting to creep into your space at the first trace of mold.

Control Moisture.

Uncontrolled moisture is the primary cause of mold.

Humidity Control.

Mold thrives at 55% relative humidity. Keep your home's humidity below that percentage, and you are ahead of the game.

Monitor Humidity

  • Check for potential leaks in bathroom and kitchen, and places where water runs.

  • Remove standing water.

  • Keep everything dry.

  • Remove mold immediately. A simple bleach or vinegar spray can nip bathroom mold and mildew in the bud.

  • Dehumidify.

  • Ventilate.

  • Use the bathroom exhaust fan to prevent trapping humidity.

  • Use a hepafilter to cut down on dust. Dust can contain mold spores.

  • Keep Central heat and air ducts clean and dry.

Written By:  staff 
Date Posted: 2007-08-27  

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