Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
Top Mold-Containing Foods
These foods are notorious for carrying mold spores, and consequently dangerous mycotoxins.
  • Corn, wheat, barley and rye contain so many different fungi that it is called universal contamination. Bear in mind that yeast is a form of eukaryotic microorganism classified in the Fungi kingdom.
  • Sugars: sugar cane, sugar beets, and sorghum contain mold contamination and are a favorite food source for fungi.
  • Nuts and the oils produced from these nuts are heavily laden with mold contamination.
  • Cheese grows mold. (While cheese is normally made with rennet and acidification, and bacteria is usually used to acidify the milk, some cheeses–such as blue cheese–have mold as a main ingredient.)
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Date Posted: 2007-08-17  

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