Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
Air Sampling
Taking air samples is one strategy to determine if building occupants are exposed to mold.
Air sampling may give very low spore counts even in rooms with visible mold. 2 methods are used in sampling air for mold. 1. Impacting air on a growth media like agar. This method is used when one is interested in determining the concentration of viable mold spores/fragments in the air. This method allows cultivation of viable forms, and gives a good overview of what is there, and what is living, though the concentration may vary from the concentration in the growth media, particularly after time. 2. Impacting air on some inert sticky surface. Spores and particulates are directly counted under a microscope. This may give a active count of live and non-live particulates, but the time, place, and all conditions must be considered in order to accurately construe the actual count in a given footage at a given location. Both methods have limitations.
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Date Posted: 2007-08-04  

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