Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
Against Home Mold
No one wants to have a home that has mold, but with the way nature works sometimes it can be hard to avoid.
Once you have a mold problem in your home, especially if it is the first time, you should pay close attention to the problem and how you treat it. Mold can be a very serious issue and you donít want to end up causing any health problems for yourself or anyone else who lives in your home. According to Yahoo Real Estate there are steps you can take when facing a mold problem to make sure you handle it the right way.

by Sabrina Be aware of where mold can occur. Donít just look for it, look for ways to prevent it. Two things that help are sunlight and ventilation.

You have to be smarter than mold by knowing what makes it occur. Places in your home where there is a lot of humidity like a bathroom is the first place you want to think about adding more ventilation. Just because you can see a mold doesnít mean it is harmful. Mold colors range from greens to blacks, and the only way to know what kind of mold you have is to have it tested in a laboratory.

The molds that you most often hear about through media and other sources are not really more toxic than any others. These molds just get more attention because they are more common on building materials, therefore you hear about them more.

If you have mold that is on a surface you can clean, the first thing to try is a 1:16 bleach to water solution. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation where you are cleaning and take proper cleaning precautions. The best place to turn is to the experts. Have your home inspected for mold even if you canít see it because it could still be there. And getting advice from a professional on how to take care of it is always better than just guessing for yourself.

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Date Posted: 2007-07-10  

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