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Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
Black Mold Forces Closure of a Lodi High School
Mold forces school closure
Black Mold Forces Closure of a Lodi High School LODI, Calif. (AP) - Construction workers have discovered toxic mold in every classroom building at Tokay High School in Lodi. The district will be forced to delay the start of school for five weeks and could spend millions of dollars to clean it up.

School District Superintendent Bill Huyett says there's no cost estimate yet, but getting rid of the mold is expected to add millions to a planned eight million-dollar modernization project that started last week.

Officials believe a flaw in the buildings' design allowed moisture to leak into the walls and grow mold.

Toxic mold can cause cold-like symptoms such as headaches, sneezing, runny noses, red eyes and skin rashes, as well as asthma attacks.

Summer school students have been told to report for class at Lodi Middle School starting Monday.

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