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Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
An Ounce of Prevention = a Pound of Cure
An allergy is an acquired, abnormal immune response to a substance that can cause a broad range of inflammatory reactions.
The human response to most long-term mold exposures is to develop an allergy--inappropriate or exaggerated reactions of the immune system, trying to protect itself. Allergens are the substances that provoke these reactions; for most people, mold is an allergen.

So what can we do to prevent mold allergies?

You really can not prevent an allergy. The only thing you can do is to try to prevent exposure to allergens so the body does not have to defend itself with an allergic reaction. That is one of the reasons it is crucial to clean up mold before it becomes seriously entrenched.

How can you prevent mold? Some simple rules:

  • Remove existing mold.
  • Eliminate water leaks.
  • Reduce humidity.
  • Use Hepa filtration and electrostatic filtration to reduce spore count.

Written By:  staff  
Date Posted:  2008-04-20  
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Bye Bye Mold ™ is on the leading edge in providing scientifically proven testing methods for the utmost in mold testing and mold inspection quality.

Tests have shown that some molds produce toxic substances--mycotoxins--and they are found, primarily, on the spores.
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