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Molds photographed using a microscope.
Are your indoor mold levels higher than those outside?
Basement Mold The Most Common
There's a good chance that if you have a basement, you have basement mold.
Basement mold is one of the most common molds you will encounter. The underground basement, with its lack of ventilation and likelihood of water leaks is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Lack of heat, increased moisture build up, condensation, or leaks contribute. Once mold spores find a friendly environment, they will take root. They could grow in wood, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, cement, sheet rock and insulation; and once there's a foothold, it is extremely difficult to remove. You have to be especially careful not to spread mold spores as you clean--cleaning up one area can spread the problem to another area. Don't breathe in the mold. Wear a facemask and gloves so that you don't inhale or come in direct contact with the mold. Your body will likely have an allergic reaction if you do, whether or not the variety is toxic mold. You can get a sample kit and send it in, or have professionals come test the afflicted areas to determine what kind of mold afflicts your property.
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Date Posted:  2007-08-24  
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Bye Bye Mold ™ is on the leading edge in providing scientifically proven testing methods for the utmost in mold testing and mold inspection quality.

Tests have shown that some molds produce toxic substances--mycotoxins--and they are found, primarily, on the spores.
Neurologic and neuropsychiatric syndrome features of mold and mycotoxin exposure.
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