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Health Effects of Mold Exposure

Ralph Potkin, M.D., FACP, FCCP
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The following list reflects current "medical community" knowledge of the effects of exposing the human body to mold.

· People exposed to molds may develop a variety of illness, some of which can be quite serious.

· Fungal infections are known to occur in approximately 10% of hospitalized patients. It was only a few years ago that doctors were unaware of the serious nature of these "hospital acquired" fungal infections.

· Certain foods contaminated with some molds may cause cancer.

· A variety of respiratory illnesses may be due to mold exposure or mold infections.

· Rarely, molds can cause serious "hypersensitivity reactions" or pneumonia in people exposed to high concentrations of mold over a prolonged period of time.

· Molds can cause allergies affecting the eyes, ears, nose and throat and can cause hay fever and even asthma.

· Molds exposure and infections have been associated with chronic fatigue, depression and other systemic complaints.

· The Center for Disease Control and other agencies are actively investigating the role of molds in causing disease in people and what treatments may be required.

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Bye Bye Mold ™ is on the leading edge in providing scientifically proven testing methods for the utmost in mold testing and mold inspection quality.

Tests have shown that some molds produce toxic substances--mycotoxins--and they are found, primarily, on the spores.
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