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  • Collection Click here to visit the Specimen Collection page
  • Stachybotrys Click here to read more about Stachybotrys
  • The Doctor Says Click here to read Dr. Ralph Potkin's "Health Effects of Mold Exposure"
  • Mold in The Bible Click hear to read Leviticus, Chapter 14, verses 33-53
  • New Suspects Click here to read more about New Suspects in some really Cold Cases
  • Mold and Health Click here to read more about Mold and Your Health
  • Mold Legislation Click here to read about the latest in Mold Legislation
  • Mold Pix Click here to get a close up on that mold that may be growing on your wall and in your crawlspace
  • Mold Links Click here to visit some off-site Mold links
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