Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Law Requiring Mold Resistant building Materials

New York city Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has signed a bill presented by the councilman Steven Matteo, which necessitates the use of mold-resistant building materials in the moisture prone areas of the houses.

The bill, which has now become a law, was presented due to the moist conditions experienced following the Hurricane Sandy. According to de Blasio, “This is an issue I worked on quite a bit, particularly in the aftermath of Sandy, and I think this is a very enlightened piece of legislation to help us get at a problem more fundamentally and more consistently.”

Councilman Steven Matteo said, “You could see residents bringing out the boards that were wet, dripping, and you knew this wasn’t going to be good going forward, and we had to step up.”

The new law requires the use of mold-resistant gypsum or cement board in flood and moisture prone areas including bathrooms and laundry areas.