Franklin County Health Department Faces Mold Issue

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Franklin County Health Department Faces Mold Issue

The Franklin County Health Department building in Columbus, Ohio, was temporarily shut down on September 2, due to mold issues.

According to Franklin County manager Angela Harris, the building was briefly vacated to seal off mold-infested areas for treatment. The staff was requested to vacate the building and customer services were made limited.

Harris said the department was informed about the issue on August 21 and the test reports came out within 4 days. “We have had employees complain about sinus and allergy problems since the report came out… Perhaps 20 or more have expressed that they have had, in some point in time, an allergy or sinus problems,” she said.

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Third-Grade Wing of Oakdale Elementary School Closed due to Mold Infestation

Third-grade wing of Oakdale Elementary School building in Cincinnati, Ohio, was temporarily closed on August 12 due to mold outbreak.

The wing was shut down after mold was discovered on books and clipboards in a classroom.

The students have been temporarily shifted to other classrooms while the crews are working to clean up the wing.

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Analysis Reveals ‘Normal’ Mold Level in Miami County Courthouse

A recent mold testing conducted at the Miami County Courthouse in Troy, Ohio, shows that the building has ‘normal’ mold spore levels.

The tests were conducted after a county commission candidate, Dave Fisher, said in a press conference that he has found 3 types of mold on a ceiling tile from the building. He also said that several employees believed they have mold-related illness.

Air testing was therefore conducted on August 13, at the first floor of the Courthouse, by the Environmental Doctor of Dayton. As per the test report dated August 18, the mold levels in the building were found to be ‘normal’