Parents Concerned after Mold was Discovered at Eisenhower High School, WA

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Parents Concerned after Mold was Discovered at Eisenhower High School, WA

Parents have expressed concerns after mold was discovered in a classroom at Eisenhower High School, Yakima, Washington.

According to Beth Rothamel, a parent of a freshman, “It’s very irritating to know that my son’s health has been in danger, they don’t know what kind of mold it is it could be toxic mold and they’re letting the kids breathe it and they’re not informing parents that’s what irritates me the most about the whole thing.”

However, the Yakima School District website says that the classroom showing high levels of mold has been cleaned and is safe for occupancy.

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Clean your Air-Conditioners to Keep Mold Allergies Away

There is no denying to the fact that air-conditioning makes life easier. Nevertheless, those who live in warm areas know that it can also increase the risk of mold allergies. The leftover moisture inside the units often provide a favorable space for mold growth and if such units are used without cleaning, the mold spores can trigger health issues in the sensitive people.

So, before starting using your air-conditioning unit this summer, why don’t you take out an hour to clean it and make sure there is no mold growth inside it? Here is a simple DIY guide on how to clean your air-conditioners:

  1. As a first step, take your air-conditioning unit to an open, outdoor space, so that the mold spores do not spread in the house.
  2. Then open the unit, take out the air filter and clean every possible bit of lint, using a stiff brush. If your air filter is washable, you can also cleanse with warm soap water.
  3. Now use cotton swabs to thoroughly clean all parts of the unit, including fan blades, small corners and crannies. Remember that the smallest nooks are often the most favorable places for mold growth, so you need to pay extra attention there. You may also use air-conditioner cleaning fluids, which are commonly available at the hardware stores.
  4. The metal fins, which cool the indoor area and disperses the hot air in the outdoors, also need extensive cleaning. This can be done using stiff brush, however, make sure you clean both sides of the fins.
  5. Lastly, some units have a removable pan at the bottom. In such cases, remove the pan and carefully clean it as well.

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If mold is present, what’s the best way to get rid of it?

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The answer depends on how much mold is present and where it is located. If the mold is on furnishings or boxes simply discard the materials. Moldy materials are not considered hazardous waste; they can be sent to a regular landfill. However, it is smart to seal the mold material in heavy plastic to protect the people who handle it in transit and prevent spreading large amounts of the mold into the building as you carry the material out of it.

If the mold is on a hard surface but occupies less than 10 square feet wash the area with soapy water (scrubbing with a brush may be necessary), rinse and allow the area to dry before repainting. If you have asthma, severe allergies and a weaken immune system get someone else to do the clean up.

Larger areas (greater than 10 square feet in area) should be cleaned by someone with experience in doing this type of work. Remember, determine what caused the moisture problem and correct that problem. Otherwise, mold is likely to recur.