Dear George, We have alot of black spots that seem to grow bigger

Dear George,
We have alot of black spots that seem to grow bigger through out the year on our walls and certain parts of the ceiling in or bathroom. If I spray beach on them it seems to make them go away for a while and then it comes back. Would this be mold?

Dear Big Spots,
There are thousands of species. It sounds as if this is a species of mold, possibly a subspecies of Aspergillus. Testing can identify if it is mold, and possibly even the particular variant. You can take a look here at a few sample pictures:

If your mold is a reoccurring problem, then you have one thing for certain going on. The conditions are still optimum for mold or fungus to thrive, either high humidity or a water leak. Even if you completely remove all mold, if you leave behind conditions that it likes, at some future point spores will find that area and a colony can establish. Even if an area is perfectly cleaned, there is always a percentage of mold spores in the atmosphere which can take root in a hospitable area.

Control the water and humidity, and you go a long way toward preventing re-infestation. Assessment can determine the extent of the problem and help determine the best solution.

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