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Study Finds That Fungi Release Toxins Directly Into Air

A recent study conducted by French researcher Jean-Denis Bailly and his colleagues has found that mycotoxins from mold can disperse into the air under normal conditions.

The researchers examined the mycotoxins produced by three types of fungi, and discovered that “this transfer to air requires air velocities that can be encountered in ‘real life conditions’ in buildings.”

These aerosolized mycotoxins pose a health risk for the occupants as they can be easily inhaled and can penetrate into the respiratory tract.

The researchers further noted that approximately twenty percent to forty percent of buildings in Northern Europe and North America have macroscopically visible fungal growth. Therefore, it is crucial that any risk assessment regarding fungal growth in buildings takes these findings into consideration.

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Duncan Fire Station Closed due to Mold Problem

Duncan fire station number 3, located at 1701 Elder in Duncan, Oklahoma, was recently closed after mold was discovered in the living quarters and office space.

According to Duncan Fire Chief Dayton Burnside, “Once the city discovered the mold, they had it tested and got the report back…then paid an environmental specialist out of Lawton to come … and chemically treat the mold that was visible and throughout the station. The report said once we treated and all the surface mold was gone we had to rip out all the wood stuff and get behind the wood and have it re-treated again…It is up to the city manger and council if it is feasible to remove all the areas that have mold, repair and rebuild or to re-locate.”

The fire crews have been temporary relocated to the downtown fire station, however, officials plan to place a temporary building outside the fire station by Monday.

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Franklin County Health Department Faces Mold Issue

The Franklin County Health Department building in Columbus, Ohio, was temporarily shut down on September 2, due to mold issues.

According to Franklin County manager Angela Harris, the building was briefly vacated to seal off mold-infested areas for treatment. The staff was requested to vacate the building and customer services were made limited.

Harris said the department was informed about the issue on August 21 and the test reports came out within 4 days. “We have had employees complain about sinus and allergy problems since the report came out… Perhaps 20 or more have expressed that they have had, in some point in time, an allergy or sinus problems,” she said.

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Chronic Cough and Mold

Dear George,
I have a chronic cough, that only occurs at home, nowhere else, can it be mold? How can I test the house? Thank you.

Dear thanks,

To test for mold, you can always hire a company like Byebyemold to come in and perform tests.

Before we actually perform the tests, we talk with you and find out exactly how extensive you want testing to be. We can test for mold; and we can also test for VOC; we can send you lab reports or we can test realtime. Your investigation is unique, and you get to configure what testing you want our crew to perform.

For health purposes, after you have the test results, you can always take the results to your allergist or doctor for follow-up for scratch tests or for comparison with your doctor’s results.


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Could my 9 month old keeping getting sick from mold?

Dear George,

Could my 9 month old keeping getting sick from mold being places in my home? She’s having problems breathing, weezing all the time.Someone told us it could be from mold growing somewhere in our home and we just dont know!

Dear Mama,

Yes, your child could certainly be getting sick from being exposed to mold. Exposure to mold spores can cause allergic reactions. There is a general consensus that there is a correlation between mold exposure and asthma in children; and, in fact some doctors believe that significant long term exposure is related to a condition called “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.”

But before you go getting overly alarmed you can do two things:
1. Get mold testing done in your house. This will pin down specifically what your child is being exposed to–if indeed he or she is being exposed. It will also set a baseline for remediation if the test numbers are significantly indoors than outdoors.

2. Ask your pediatrician or a Pediatric Immunologist about their recommendations regarding allergy testing of your nine month old. The doctor may even request the results of your mold testing sample if he needs them to check your baby’s blood for mold allergens and total serum IgE. The pediatrician may also watch your baby for signs of asthma.

*IgE — a class of immunoglobulins including antibodies that function especially in allergic reactions

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May I obtain a copy of mold test results?

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Dear George,
As a tenant in the State of Nevada, may I obtain a copy of mold test results without going through my landlord?

Byebye Mold policy is that whoever orders and purchases the mold testing owns the results.

If your landlord refuses to give you the mold result documents, you can always have tests done yourself, regardless of the law of your local state. In other words, whether or not you are entitled to your landlord’s test results, you can always have your own tests done; and your own tests belong to you.