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How to Get Rid of Mold in Your Apartment?

Do you have a mold problem in your house/apartment?

If the answer is yes, you have got a problem that needs your immediate attention. Living in moldy conditions can cause several health conditions including upper respiratory illness.

But do not worry! Here are a few tips that can help you address the mold issue:

1.The first and most important step you can take to prevent or get rid of mold is to reduce moisture in the area. You can do so by using bathroom and kitchen fans and opening the windows.

2.Increasing overall ventilation in your home will also reduce mold growth. Therefore, keep the bathroom doors open as much as possible, and open all the windows in the house for some time every day.

3.It has been observed that mold grows easily on dusty, moist surfaces. Therefore, dusting the susceptible places, such as outside of your toilet tank and window frames, more often will reduce mold growth.

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Santa Monica’s Famous Celebrity Rental Faces Mold Issue

Champagne Towers, a famous celebrity high-rise rental located at 1221 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica, California, is undergoing major overhaul, in part due to mold infestation.

As per the public records, the management has been trying to get rid of mold since several months.

Recently, Donald Bren’s Irvine Co. has decided to go for a multimillion-dollar makeover to get rid of mold and other issues. The company is also offering royal relocation packages to current residents.

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Mold Remediation Underway in Miller County Courthouse Building

Miller County Courthouse building, located in Texarkana, Arkansas, is facing mold problem due to which, some employees have been temporarily relocated while the remediation is underway.

Mold infestation was found last month after an investigation by an Arkansas Department of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health officer.

According to Miller County Judge Larry Burgess, “He said it was not the dangerous kind. It was not a dangerous situation but if you are sensitive to allergies or things like that and give you a headache or maybe flu like symptoms.”

The crews are currently working on the basement’s air duct system. Burgess said, “They didn’t find anything significant so it’s going to be less expensive instead of replacing some stuff we are going to have it clean.”

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Washtenaw Community College to Spend Over $500,000 for Mold Removal and Prevention

The Washtenaw Community College, Michigan, has decided to take necessary actions after mold was detected on the outside layers of drywall in the Crane Liberal Arts and Science building.

According to the Vice President of Facilities Damon Flowers, “It’s not a health issue, but over time if there becomes greater humidity in the rooms or any other signs of moisture which breeds and expands the mold, it could eventually expand.”

The college has set aside more than $500,000 for the maintenance project, which does not only include mold removal but also preventing further mold growth. Flowers said, “We don’t want to remediate without stopping the source of the water.”

The entire project is expected to be completed in May 2015.

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California Board of Equalization Faces $50M Claim Over Mold-related Illness

The California Board of Equalization (BOE) is facing a new claim filed by their employees, who say that the mold at the BOE headquarters has been causing them respiratory problems, skin rashes and other mold-related illness.

The claim is not the first one; a previous lawsuit regarding mold-related illness in BOE employees involved 31 plaintiffs and was resolved back in 2012.

This new claim was brought by an associate tax auditor with BOE, Racquel Raichart, on behalf of herself and the other employees. Attorney Anthony Perez, who filed the claim with the state of California on July 2, has accused the BOE management of misleading the employees by telling them that the building was mold free. “People continue to show problems of mold exposure. You have management stating to employees that the building is safe, and that remediation has been successful. That is untrue,” said Perez.

The claim seeks at least $50 million for the medical care and treatment of the employees. Perez said that in the next few months, a lawsuit will be filed Sacramento Superior Court.

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$70 Million Funding to Address Housing Improvement, Mold Remediation for Tribal Communities

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced a funding of $70 million for improving housing conditions and economic opportunities for tribal communities across the nation.

The funding has been announced, through HUD’s Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG). According to HUD Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Native American Programs, Rodger Boyd, “HUD invests in people and neighbourhoods across the country that promote development at the local level by those local leaders who know their communities best. This year we are committed to not only expanding housing opportunities but also helping to ensure healthier environments for those affected by mold.”

For the fiscal year 2014, around $10, 000,000 is allocated for grants addressing the issues of mold remediation and prevention in and on the residential units, which are owned or managed by tribes and tribally designated housing units.

The deadline for application is July 29, 2014.

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Monticello City Hall to Get a Grant of $129,986 for Mold Remediation

On April 22, 2014, the city council of Monticello, Florida, approved a resolution to accept bids worth $129,986 from Environmental Protection Associates, for solving mold and other related issues of the Monticello City Hall.

A major contributor in the project will be GIF, who will be providing a grant of $15,000.

The funds will be used for microbial remediation, waterproofing, tuck pointing and other similar works.

The maintenance and repair activities will be carried out during evenings and on the weekends.

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Shreveport Memorial Library Faces Mold Issue Again

The huge literary collection of Shreveport Memorial Library is under serious threat due to mold growth.

Mold was detected recently by the main branch manager Mary Canfield. According to her, the Louisiana collection, petroleum, government documents and law collections on the third floor have been contaminated with mold.

In a letter to the executive director of Shreve Memorial Library, Ronald Heezen, she wrote “I am very concerned about the possible health hazards that both staff and patrons are being exposed to. Additionally, and equally as important, is the deterioration of the collection on the third floor.”

This is not the first time that the library is facing mold problem. The issue goes back to 2007 and the library management has since spent millions for remediation.

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New Study Links Mold Exposure to Asthma in Middle Aged Adults

A recent study conducted by the researchers of the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne determined that the presence of mold inside homes increases the likeliness of asthma symptoms in middle age adults.

The researchers John Burgess and Desiree Meszaros found out that the study participants having more mold in their houses reported greater asthma symptoms.

While explaining his study, Burgess said,”The mold exposure that we were talking about is the typical mold that we all see in our homes from time to time, that is, mold that you see in the wet areas of the house, e.g., bathroom, kitchen and laundry…We were not talking about ‘whole-house’ mold infestation that might occur under special circumstances such as following the house being flooded.”

The study puts forth two steps of eradicating mold from homes. Firstly, cleaning it off, and secondly making sure that the rooms are dry and ventilated.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency urges that household mold should be shed off right away, and water leakages should be fixed to prevent further mold exposure.

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Princeton School District Office to Relocate Due to Mold, Field Mice

The board members of Princeton  school district office have decided to temporary re-locate it to another location.

The office located at 506 E. Dover Road, Princeton is currently facing various maintenance issues, including field mice and mold. The building will be temporarily evacuated for proper maintenance and mold remediation.

The Reagan Middle School, Tiskilwa and Douglas School, Princeton are under consideration as the alternate location of the district office. However, the final decision is still to be made.