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Study Finds That Fungi Release Toxins Directly Into Air

A recent study conducted by French researcher Jean-Denis Bailly and his colleagues has found that mycotoxins from mold can disperse into the air under normal conditions.

The researchers examined the mycotoxins produced by three types of fungi, and discovered that “this transfer to air requires air velocities that can be encountered in ‘real life conditions’ in buildings.”

These aerosolized mycotoxins pose a health risk for the occupants as they can be easily inhaled and can penetrate into the respiratory tract.

The researchers further noted that approximately twenty percent to forty percent of buildings in Northern Europe and North America have macroscopically visible fungal growth. Therefore, it is crucial that any risk assessment regarding fungal growth in buildings takes these findings into consideration.

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Moldy Apartment Makes Pocatello Man Sick

they don't make dorms the way they used to
An Idaho State University student has been sick for about four years because of mold in his apartment.

Matthew Shugert said he did not know until January of this year that the cause of his sickness was mold infestation in his apartment at Ridge Crest Housing, Pocatello, Idaho. Explaining his illness, he said, “Over the years, chronic exhaustion to the point of passing out. Sleep problems, respiratory problems, neurological problems, bloody noses, just a wide range of symptoms.”

University’s Technical Safety Director Peter Farina said housing inspectors had visited and assessed mold issue in Shugert’s apartment in early March. He said, “What they need to do is immediately contact our university housing if there are leaks. Because mold needs water to grow and needs a continuous source. If you cut off the water, the mold will stop growing. Also, students need to be careful what they bring into the dorms or houses, we’ve had a lot of fires in the past.”

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West Lafayette’s City Hall Faces Serious Mold Problem

The mold problem in the vacated City Hall of the West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana has been found to be more serious than anticipated.

Mold spores were first detected in January this year, after which, the hall was completely vacated by the end of February.

According to Mayor John Dennis, the mold remediation crew has discovered that two layers of drywall in the basement are contaminated with mold.

Dennis further said “Each layer they see that has more contamination, each floor they go where they see it’s a little bit more damaged than we had originally anticipated… Our expectations are being somewhat diminished about ever being able to return to that facility.”

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Mold Location

Dear George,

Do you have services available in Michigan? I am interested in having our home tested for mold and mildew.


Dear Michigan,

We are located in California. Here is a link to a portion of our service area:


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Chronic Cough and Mold

Dear George,
I have a chronic cough, that only occurs at home, nowhere else, can it be mold? How can I test the house? Thank you.

Dear thanks,

To test for mold, you can always hire a company like Byebyemold to come in and perform tests.

Before we actually perform the tests, we talk with you and find out exactly how extensive you want testing to be. We can test for mold; and we can also test for VOC; we can send you lab reports or we can test realtime. Your investigation is unique, and you get to configure what testing you want our crew to perform.

For health purposes, after you have the test results, you can always take the results to your allergist or doctor for follow-up for scratch tests or for comparison with your doctor’s results.


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Dangerous molds?

Dear George,

Is the mold called Aspergillus, Mysomycetes and Cladosporium dangerous molds? Can they be cleaned out of your home?
Thanks, Christina

Dear Christina,

There are many varietals of Aspergillus (like Aspergillus candidu, Aspergillus carneus, Aspergillus clavatus,Aspergillus deflectus. Some are more pathogenic than others. One of the worst is Aspergillus flavus which produces a type of mycotoxin that is an aflatoxin (a known carcinogen, and known to be the cause of eye, ear, respiratory and throat infections, and more.

I think you must mean Myxomycetes, which are slime molds can contribute to hay fever and asthma.

Varietals of Cladosporium can cause skin lesions, eye ulceration, mycosis (including onychomycosis, an infection of the nails of the feet or hands) edema and bronchiospasms; chronic cases may develop pulmonary emphysema.

Take a look at our glossary for more details.

You can eliminate specific colonies, but NO MOLD can be completely removed. This is because there is always going to be some level of mold spores in the outside air. With excellent filtration, (hepafiltration, etc) you can lower the concentration. That is why mold inspectors take outdoor levels of mold as a “control.” It is reasonable to expect your home to have at least the same concentration of mold as the outdoor air. It may sound alarming, but there is a big difference between trace amounts found in ambient air and a mold infestation.


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Mold in my Car

Dear George,
What are the effects of breathing mold from carpeting, etc. in an automobile?

Car mold

Molds produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, toxic substances called mycotoxins. Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, and the responses will differ depending on which mold is growing there. Typical allergic responses present sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash (dermatitis).

If an allergic response occurs, then the problem is exacerbated. There may be an asthma attack, and irritation, even heart issues especially if someone is young, elderly or in vulnerable health

Mold in a car would have to be considered carefully. For example, if you just opened the window and drove, you’d be likely let in a lot of air with only ambient levels. But the force of air would also stir up the mold. Probably the best thing to do would be to remove the moldy items, and clean/remediate the area as well as possible before driving around in it.


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Method of Detection

Dear George,
what is the most effective method for detecting mold and spores?


Dear Efficiency,

It’s like real estate–it depends on location, location, location.

So the answer is: it depends.

The most obvious method and the most likely answer is sampling. Take the sample, send to the lab. (etc) But if you can’t see it, if mold is behind the walls, you don’t want to go ripping up walls just to see if something might be there.

ByebyeMold has the most up-to-date tools available that can detect conditions behind walls and particulates in the air. Technology is wonderful.


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Mold is in the Letter of the Law

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Dear George,

We just bought a house and before we closed escrow we had a mold inspection. The inspection showed no mold issues after air samples. After we moved in we have found mold in 4 rooms, is the mold inspector liable for the costs we are incurring ?
Sample Realty

Dear Sample,
It depend on the nature of the assessor’s contract. In fact, this is a legal question that can best be answered by a lawyer who is in full awareness of all of the facts of the issue.

Currently there are no legal standards for mold assessors.

That said, (and remember this is not a legal opinion!) the liability would depend on a number of factors. It would depend on how long after the inspection you found mold. Twelve years later, or after a powerful storm or a leak, or some obviously discernible direct cause, no. But there may be other factors involved than a substandard mold inspection. It may be that the mold inspection actually was clear, but a faulty repair or purely cosmetic cleanup occurred. In that case, the construction company would be the most responsible. Furthermore, did the inspector simply test the air, or were there different kinds of tests used? Thermal imaging enables ByeBye MoldTM inspectors immediate non-invasive high-resolution evidence of potential moisture and heat conditions. The precise temperature measurement capabilities of thermal imaging are most effective for finding mold situations shortly after a leak occurred, which is the optimum time to locate and pinpoint sources of water intrusion. But again, if the leak occurred after the inspection, and the mold grew after the leak, these factors complicate the issue.

How can a tester be liable if all he does is test, and mold grows AFTER the assessment? There’s the rub.

Probably a different legal situation for a remediated which is a different thing entirely.

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Cost of testing

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Dear George,

how much does it cost to get a mold inspection? and/or testing?



Call us at 1-800-686-1992 so we can discuss specifically what you want. ByeByeMold actually provides a wide range of testing services; we can test for mold in one or several areas, take lab test samples as well as do realtime testing for toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene. So your cost depends specifically on what tests you choose