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Residents of Rental House Sue Landlord Over Black Mold Infestation

Residents of a rental house in Alton, Illinois, have filed a lawsuit against the landlord, alleging that the property was infested with black mold.

The lawsuit claims that black mold is a serious health hazard, and the defendants failed to prevent mold growth which has caused injury and pain to the plaintiffs Patrick Phillips, Chasity Phillips and four minor children.

The lawsuit names Rashad Robinson, CR Investments, CR Property Investments, LLC, Robinson Realty and Especial Services and Renovations, as well as owners and managers of the property located in Residence Street.

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Mycologist Reveals Black Mold in Leominster

The mycologists’ report of the Leominster apartment gauge mold levels from 2,000 to 220,000 colony -units per sq in. Residents of seventeen apartments in three buildings have complained of mold and found evidence of it, leading to nineteen Board of Health violations. Mold is a fungus that thrives indoors or outdoors when it has moisture, nutrition, and somewhere to grow. Controlling excess moisture is the key to preventing and stopping indoor mold growth.

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Chatham County Apartment Residents Complain of Mold after Hurricane Matthew

The residents of Westlake Apartments in Chatham County, Georgia, are struggling to find shelter as their apartments have become unlivable due to mold and mildew.

The residents were advised to evacuate in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, however, they complained that the storm has just multiplied the issues the building already had and has made it unliveable.

A Westlake resident Olivia Johnson said “I have green mold on my couch, standing up out the carpet and I also have mold coming out my carpet… It’s still wet when I walk. It’s still water splashing all over my legs. This is ridiculous.”

The residents said they were assured they would be provided hotel accommodation for the weekend. However, on Friday, the property owner aspen properties refused to bear the hotel expenses.

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Florida State University Students Find Mold in Dorm Rooms

Students at Florida State University, who returned to their dorms this week, have reported mold in the rooms.

According to FSU freshman Stefanie Prieto, “I came back on Sunday night, and the moment I walked in it just smelled disgusting and there was like mold all over the floors, all over the furniture, all over my items…The air quality definitely makes people cough, I know when I moved in over the fall, I got bronchitis because of the air quality, and I know people are still getting sick now after they moved in from winter break.”

The university housing department said they discovered the mold in about 50 rooms just before the students returned from winter break. According to Director Shannon Staten, “We started immediately with staff and cleaned the rooms we found, and made sure we were getting in there and trying to get it cleared up.”

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Atlanta Resident Complains of Mold Infestation in his Apartment

A resident of a Peoples’ Town Villas apartment in southeast Atlanta, Georgia, has complained that mold is making him sick.

Joseph Culler said he suffers from an ailment that weakens his immune system and mold infestation in his apartment is further worsening his condition. “I know about mold, it’s very lethal. It’ll kill you, especially with my kind of condition. I have seizures as well,” he said.

He said he showed the mold to the property managers but they have not yet done anything to clean it.

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Woman Says Mold has Sent Her and Her Daughter to Emergency Room

Andricka Phillips of New Orleans blames mold for worsening her asthma and sending her to the emergency room.  According to her, she is sick of being sick constantly and can hardly walk without wheezing.

She has been dealing with mold in her bathrooms for almost a year and feels that it is her biggest problem at the moment. She also reported that there are worm-like slugs  lurking in her bathroom.

Phillips has been living at the Lakeside Apartments, with her 2 year old daughter for the last three years. However, mold started last summer.

The Permanent Supportive Housing Program, who is currently managing the apartments has not been very effective in getting her mold problem rectified by the landlord. They have written letters.  Phillips has appealed to the Louisiana Housing Corporation for help.

In the meantime, Phillips has decided to take her two kids and move in with her relatives for their safety.

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Landlord Mold Assessment

Dear George,
I have a resident who thinks he has mold.I took some pictures and saw no concern, nor smell of mold or moisture. I wonder if I sent the pictures if you can take a look and write back what you think?

My name is Carla

Dear Carla,

We are professionals whose word stands up in court. This means we maintain certain standards. We can’t really make an actual assessment without making an actual assessment–which means going there and doing a reading. You can call us at 1-800-686-1992 and schedule an appointment or arrange to talk to one of our assessors.

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How do I find out what the smell is?

Dear George,

My daughter purchased a remodeled home in Woodland Hills.

Her babies room and the adjacent office has a fishy odor. At times it goes away and other times it is very strong. Is there a way to determine what and where this odor is coming from?


Dear Grams,

ByebyeMold does have devices which detect particulates at very small quantities (ppm) as well as thermal imaging capabilities.

I expect either of those processes would be likely to help pinpoint a problem; but you may want to call the office for details.


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Is Popping the Bubble Enough?

Dear George,
Near the window in weeks ago the rain caused water under the carpet and buble of water about 1foot long in the living room under the bedroom.About 2week ago the landlrd repair poped the bubble, and repaint the surface.


Dear Bubble-free,
Hopefully your landlord did more than pop a bubble. Hopefully the landlord removed any wet drywall and underlying construction damage, repaired the original leak and replaced the damaged areas with new, mold resistant materials–before he primed and painted the surface. That’s called remediation.

If any mold remains, and/or if water remains or the leak re-occurs, you will have mold issues. If you have readings done, that will tell you if your ambient mold exceeds healthy levels. Prevention is crucial here. If you can get the area truly clean and dry (and the leak repaired), you may be able to prevent mold from becoming a problem.

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Dear George,

You could have mold allergies.

You could have mycotoxins in your new place.

Molds produce mycotoxins, some of which are quite toxic. The type of mycotoxin varies depending on the type of mold; but some molds create toxins which are harder on your health than others; plus people have or develop allergies on exposure, the severity of which is contingent on the duration of exposure, and how heavily infested the environment is.

A mold assessment of your apartment would enable you to target the specific species of mold that is affecting you–if it is mold. Bear in mind that there are other environmental contaminants which could be affecting you, such as benzene or formaldehyde. Toxic off-gassing and mold are just a few components of sick house syndrome; but a complete assessment of your residence would help you pinpoint what components of your surroundings are contributing to your problems. You can then take the findings to your doctor and/or allergist, who will then be able to test specifically for your exposure to the designated irritants, allowing them to medicate with an eye to the cause rather than simply ameliorate the symptoms.