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When you suspect mold, step #1 is a professional mold assessment: surveying moisture levels of walls, ceilings and floors, locating visible mold growth, and testing the air forthe quantity and variety of moldspores, crucial as moldsindicate water damage or arepotential health hazards. A ByeBye Mold™ professional mold assessment is your first step toward a healthy indoor environment. We service all building types, owned or rented, single or multiple-family homes/mansions, apartments/complexes, office/municipal buildings. Ask our competition if they carry standard and professional liability insurance Bye Bye Mold does.

Bye Bye Mold ™ founder,George Hatcher, Sr., shares findings discovered through Certified Property MoldSpecialist inspections,commentary on Stachybotrys, a glimpse at the unique product “extras” ByebyeMold has developed, such as the Mold Inspection Report, which thoroughly documents all
aspects of the inspection process. Bye Bye Mold ™ is the best value for your mold testing and mold inspection investment.

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Certified Property Mold Specialist -Environmental experts in formaldehyde and mold detection and prevention. Services available throughout California.

Bye Bye Mold is on the job! Mold can’t hide from us! Formaldehyde can’t hide from us! Bye Bye Mold’s
environmental experts sample and analyze even hidden mold to help you keep your property in optimum condition!

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  • Bye Bye Mold™ is dedicated to the detection of mold.
  • Bye Bye Mold™ is dedicated to the detection of Formaldehyde.
  • Bye Bye Mold™ has been in business 12+ years.
  • Bye Bye Mold™ has collected THOUSANDS of mold samples.
  • Bye Bye Mold™ is insured and accepts credit cards.
  • Bye Bye Mold™ provides professional services for mold inspection, mold testing, and mold preventive maintenance.
  • Bye Bye Mold™ testing protocols ride the cutting edge of current methodologies set forth by experts and laboratories, and are updated when necessary by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
  • Bye Bye Mold’s rigorous and scientifically proven procedures assure you of the highest degree of reliability in accurate results.
  • Bye Bye Mold™ provides a written report,laboratory results and interpretation of results for every assessment.
  • Bye Bye Mold™ is committed to serving the customer with professionalism, kindness and respect.
  • Call Bye Bye Mold™ now at 800.686.1992

Bye Bye Mold™

Bye Bye Mold™, California’s premier mold inspection service has a long history. The company evolved from Toxic Litigation Consulting, which, for many years, investigated toxic cases nationwide for one of the law firms depicted in the movie, Erin Brockovich. In 2001, when an escalating number of mold sufferers turned to us for help, our team underwent the extensive training essential for mold testing to became part of our repertoire. Demand for the mold inspection service was substantial enough for the division to stand on its own, and Bye Bye Mold™ was born, a wing of dedicated mold inspection professionals. The department was incorporated as a separate entity from Evaluair, Toxic Consulting and our Toxic Team. Today, Bye Bye Mold™ offers mold inspection services, as well as providing advice about prevention of mold infestation.

In 2002 we handled hundreds of mold assessments of apartments, condominiums, homes and businesses, and we have been busy ever since. This tremendous field experience is what establishes, enhances and augments our expertise. Each job we handle is referred to as an investigation. Just as with our very big toxic cases, we handle even our smallest investigation with the same care and attention to detail.

Our visit starts with a visual inspection of every room; then we take moisture readings throughout. Many companies only moisture test the areas where they collect samples; but we know that moisture readings can reveal hidden problems.

We check under sinks and in all areas where we know mold likes to be, including attics and crawl spaces. We photographically record where each sample is collected and all suspect areas. Temperature and Humidity readings are logged throughout the property.

Our testing methods are constantly being updated to include the newest, most efficient technologies, including air testing with state of the art micro-pumps, the universally well-known Aero-Cell Cassette, and thermal imaging. We have a device that will test within the wall cavity after a small intrusion is made in the wall, and can use thermal imaging which does not require intrusion. We include direct samples where we bag a sample (drywall, carpeting, etc…) and ship it to the laboratory for analysis. Sometimes it is necessary to take a swab, tape or carpet sample using a vacuum with a special lab-provided specimen cassette designed to trap mold and dust. ALL samples are collected under Chain of Custody and shipped by Fedex to Aerotech Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks to the efficient lab, our turn-around time is 3 days from date we collect the sample, unless we catch a weekend.

bbmadOur Los Angeles office handles all southern California projects and neighboring northern California areas.

We offer a mold directory and mold experts, an on-site mold guide, mold health advice, our mold hotline. On this site, you can arrange mold inspections by one of our professional mold inspectors. Our mold investigator can help you with mold prevention or to help solve your mold problem. In our FAQ, you can ask you mold questions. Our Newsbyte area brings you links to the latest in mold news (mold newsbytes). ByeByeMold is the place to go for mold testing, information on mold training certification, or if you want to know more about the truth about stachybotrys, toxic mold or other mold areas of interest. ByeByeMold is USA mold inspection Service.

Why Test For Mold?

Mold and fungus are biological organisms that are present almost everywhere, but will tend to grow in moist environments. They may release spores, toxins, and particulate dust into the atmosphere. These materials can produce allergic symptoms in humans, and even illness. Typical symptoms include; runny nose, eye irritation, fatigue, and respiratory ailments such as cough, chest tightness, congestion, and aggravation of asthma symptoms. These symptoms may be produced by mold species such as Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Trichoderma and Memnoniella.

Research at Lund University in Sweden reported that 67% of molds tested contained at least one mold toxin, far more than earlier estimated. Mycotoxins not only kill cells but also affect immune cells in a way that increases the risk of allergies. This study would suggest then that wherever this is visible mold, there is a significant likelihood that mold toxins are also present. These extremely small particles can enter the lungs more easily than the mold spores that are the general focus of study. We do have a library of journaled research available on site.

The presence of mold or fungus does not necessarily mean that all people in the area will exhibit immediate health effects. This depends on the release of fungal materials into the air, and the individual susceptibility of the persons exposed.

If mold is on a wall the chances are it is airborne. If it is not airborne it is not probably not going to harm you until it is. It’s a good idea to test the air in the area where there appears to be mold growth. The fact the smear on a wall is black does not mean it is mold. We take a sample and send to the lab for analysis. However, it is a good assumption that it is mold. My inspectors know when to recommend air sampling.

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Bye Bye Mold Certifications
CPMS | Certified Property Mold Specialist
CEI | Certified Environmental Inspector
CES | Certified Environmental Specialist
CTS | Certified Testing Specialist
CMI | Certified Mold Inspector
CMS | Certified Mold Specialist
CEC | Certified Environmental Consultant
CEC | Certified Mold Contractor