The First Mold Inspector

In 1440 B.C. Bye Bye Mold ™ was not yet conceived, but if we had been around then we'd like to think that we'd have carefully studied the verses below that are now part of the book of Leviticus from The Holy Bible. It's thought that these laws, given to the Israelites so long ago, are the first recorded instructions for mold inspection and mold remediation.

Leviticus, Chapter 14, verses 33-53

When Mildew Is in a House

33The LORD told Moses and Aaron to say to the people:

34After I have given you the land of Canaan as your permanent possession, here is what you must do, if I ever put mildew on the walls of any of your homes. 35First, you must say to a priest, " I think mildew is on the wall of my house."

36The priest will reply, " Empty the house before I inspect it, or else everything in it will be unclean."

37If the priest discovers greenish or reddish spots that go deeper than the surface of the walls, 38he will have the house closed for seven days.

Then he will return and check to see if the mildew has spread.

If so, he will have someone scrape the plaster from the walls, remove the filthy stones, then haul everything off and dump it in an unclean place outside the town. 42Afterwards the wall must be repaired with new stones and fresh plaster.

43If the mildew appears a second time, 44the priest will come and say, " This house is unclean. It's covered with mildew that can't be removed."

45Then he will have the house torn down and every bit of wood, stone, and plaster hauled off to an unclean place outside the town.
46Meanwhile, if any of you entered the house while it was closed, you will be unclean until evening. 47And if you either slept or ate in the house, you must wash your clothes.

48On the other hand, if the priest discovers that mildew hasn't
reappeared after the house was newly plastered, he will say, " This house is clean--the mildew has gone." 49Then, to show that the house is now clean, he will get two birds, a stick of cedar wood, a piece of red yarn, and a branch from a hyssop plant and bring them to the house.

He will kill one of the birds over a clay pot of spring water

and let its blood drain into the pot. Then he will dip the cedar, the hyssop, the yarn, and the other bird into the mixture of blood and water. Next, he will sprinkle the house seven times with the mixture, then the house will be completely clean.

53Finally, he will release the bird and let it fly away, ending the ceremony for purifying the house.

Should it be necessary for you to contact a present-day mold remediator, although Bye Bye Mold ™ is not a remediator, we are happy to assist you with your search.

Keep in mind that Bye Bye Mold ™ can also supply clearance testing services to your mold remediation contractor. Verifying the "all clear" is a little bit different today--we think you will be relieved to discover that animal sacrifices are not recommended.

Scripture taken from the Contemporary English Version © 1991, 1992, 1995 by American Bible Society. Used by Permission.

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